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Freshness relys on a speedy cold-chain:
We ship out of Seattle, WA because it allows us to most quickly consolidate the best Alaskan product from the greatest number, and most remote, of Alaskan fisheries. Our fresh fish lands at SeaTac Airport, is sent down the road to our facility at the Port of Seattle, is quality inspected and graded, is filleted and portioned, and is then shipped back out to you the very same day.

Video: Quality inspection and grading at our Seattle facility

All the product that we purchase has been graded already, but we continue the process upon receipt of the product, through the fillet stage, and ending with portioning and packing.

The Bristol Bay Story

Bristol Bay is home to the world’s largest commercial Sockeye fishery which begins in May and ends in August. Anywhere from 30 million to 70 million Sockeye will return to the rivers that feed Bristol Bay annually and the fishery is a model of sustainability success and renewability. Bristol Bay is unique in that it remains unadulterated by humans and, as a result, has not needed to rely on a hatchery program to support its diverse wild stocks of Sockeye salmon. And the genetic diversity that accrued over time and is now realized has produced a more resilient fishery as compared to others that are supported by hatcheries with smaller gene pools. Sustainable fishing practices and responsible fisheries management of this fishery is on full display in Bristol Bay.

Video: Sockeye Salmon in Bristol Bay

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