Product Description

  • Product Form Upon Delivery: cured and jarred
  • Size: 4 oz., jarred
  • Species: Oncorhynchus Kisutch Ikura, Coho Salmon Roe
  • Temperature History: held at 30 degrees F
  • Taste: succulent. fresh fish, fresh ocean, light brine
  • Texture: firm gelatin balls that pop in your mouth and release lightly-flavored juice
  • Origin: Alaska
  • Catch Method: Drift Gillnet, Troll, Purse Seine (The roe is a secondary target in the Coho fishery)
  • Availability: Fresh May - October, Prev-Froz otherwise
  • Sustainability Rating: Best Choice - Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch (Aquaculture)
  • Recommended Preparation: blini with crème fraiche, French bread and butter, or as is so you can experience the complexity of flavors in their raw form
  • Nutritional Info (per 1/4 ounce)  Calories 299, Fat 20g, Cholesterol 667mg, Sodium 1701mg, Carbohydrates 4.5g, Fiber, 0g, Sugars 0g, Protein 27g, Calcium 311mg, Iron 13mg, Vitamin A 1026IU, Omega 3's < 10mg

Ikura roe tastes like taking a bite out of the ocean with a finish of super-fresh fish. Simple is better, so toast up some French bread, glob butter all over it, and lightly spread the salmon roe over the top. The combo is perfect and the prep is fast.