Big Alaska Seafood is an online retailer of exquisite sea products coming primarily out of Alaska, and secondarily out of the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii. Our Seattle, WA location gives us the advantage of being able to offer a wide range of fresh product without sacrificing time in the cold chain.

Speed, quality, and connections is what makes Big Alaska Seafood great:


The amount of time that any particular fresh seafood item has been out of the water is as important as its intrinsic qualities that make it great to begin with. The seafood cold chain is incredibly efficient at moving fresh fish from the water to our facility and then to you with speed and temperature control. Within that cold-chain, Big Alaska Seafood is incredibly efficient at purchasing, quality control, custom cutting, and order fulfillment.


The corporate world has adopted many methods of quality and management techniques like Kaizen, Zero Defect Programs, Six Sigma, and the Toyota Production System.  At Big Alaska Seafood, quality ISN'T engineered; it's continually reinvented through our passion for exceptional fish, sustainability, and new product development.


Our friends in Alaska and Hawaii who fish, who buy our fish for us off the boats and auctions, and who trade product know our quality expectations. Our neighbors in the Pacific Northwest keep the pipeline full of the freshest seafood known to people. Getting great fish is only one piece of what we do well, but it is where it all begins!