Product Description

  • Size: XL (14/16 oz. ea.)
  • Temperature History: IQF, once-frozen, thawed at 38 F at our facility at the Port of Seattle
  • Delivery Presentation: Raw
  • Taste: mildly sweet, slightly briny, ocean flavor, mild
  • Texture: meaty, firm, slightly dry, and dense
  • Origin: Western Central Atlantic Ocean - Brazil
  • Catch Method: Trap - wild-caught
  • Availability: year-round
  • Sustainability Rating: Best Choice- Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch (Western Central Atlantic Ocean) 
  • Recommended Preparation: Boil, Steam, Poach, Grill, Broil, Sear
  • Pack Size: by the pound
  • Nutritional Info (serving size 1/2 pound)  Calories 206, Fat 1.5g, Cholesterol 210mg, Sodium 650mg, Carbohydrates 0g, Fiber, 0g, Sugars 0g, Protein 41g, Calcium 255mg, Iron 1.2mg, Vitamin B12 1mcg, Potassium 935mg, Vitamin A  38mcg, Vitamin D 0 UI, Omega 3's ~ 100mg

This Warm Water Lobster it is harvested in the bright blue waters of the Western Central Atlantic Ocean - Brazil. The taste and texture of the Caribbean lobster tail is more mild and less rich than the North Atlantic (Maine) Lobster Tail, and it just comes down to preference as to which species is better. When cooked perfectly, the Caribbean Tail is light, slightly sweet, and subtle. You can almost taste the fresh Caribbean Sea air in this lobster, and its taste, when combined with beans and rice, can be highly nostalgic if you've ever spent time in this part of the world.